Stearsby Notes - October 2020

Well that’s it for 2020 season at Stearsby – As promised I did finally manage to get up there to fish, in fact I had three visits in October and all were successful landing a total of 2 browns and 8 rainbows.

I didn’t land any really big rainbows unlike Bill Pegram who had yet another trophy fish to add to his already impressive record of trophy fish this season.

Quite a few browns were caught during October several were really very good and Richard Wright recorded one at 24 inches.

On the last day three of us visited Stearsby, Graham Elphee was there early, I arrived at lunchtime and fished through some incredible rain storms but managed to catch a few. Alan Bull arrived late in the afternoon claiming he was really only there to walk his dog (but he was still carrying a rod and net… !)

Rain storms

During October 13 anglers made a total of 22 visits accounting for 56 fish, 10 of which were browns and as indicated some of which were really good fish.

Perfect finned rainbow

As I have said before I do prefer running water to Stearsby but never the less I really enjoyed my three late visits. There were still plenty of fish moving and the fish I caught seemed to be in very good condition and fought hard and long.

Stearsby is now closed till 1st of March 2021 but do check newsletters and website in case there are changes due to any new or ongoing Covid 19 regulations.

Catch Returns 2020

Date Members Fishing Recorded Visits Fish Caught Top Lake Bottom Lake Fish Retained Average catch per visit
March 25 41 137 67 70 10 3.34
April - - - - - - -
May 16 25 86 44 42 8 3.44
June 9 12 16 4 12 3 1.45
July 11 14 42 19 23 8 3.00
August 4 10 8 7 1 3 0.8
September 14 23 58 21 37 7 2.52
October 13 25 56 36 20 8 2.55

Last Sunset of the Season Last Sunset of the Season

Stearsby Notes - September 2020

As usually happens towards the end of the season the fishing at Stearsby has picked up, with more members out trying for a fish. As you can see from the photos a number of decent brown trout were recorded. Bill Pegram had 3, Mike Williams 2, Richard Wright 1, John Verity 1 and Charlie Pegram 1. All except one of these browns were recorded as coming from the bottom lake.

Mike Williams Brown Trout Mike Williams Brown Trout

Bill Pegram Brown Trout Bill Pegram Brown Trout

Other highlights this month include young Benjamin Hardy (age 8) who helped Grandad Ian by playing and landing 4 of their 8 catch haul.. well done to Benjamin – perhaps he will following in the footsteps of his Grandad and Great Grandad and become a stalwart of YTAA.

I still haven’t fished Stearsby this season but now the beck fishing for trout is over I shall try and pay a visit before the end of the season. (but not on 26/10 as Stearsby is closed that day!!)

May I remind you that if anyone fishes Stearsby please submit a return by email to me at please ensure the email includes the date you fished, fish caught Top lake, fish caught Bottom lake, fish retained from each lake and any other detail you think might be of interest.

Stearsby Notes - August 2020

Well If I thought July was a quiet month for angling effort at Stearsby August really takes the biscuit..
I only received returns from three anglers accounting for just 7 visits…

Bill P has to be the angler of the month as he landed a trophy fish on each of his three visits, very well done.

Stearsby Notes - July 2020

As reported earlier weed cutting took place on 7th and 8th July and the bankside vegetation was trimmed back to improve access.

Only 9 members fished Stearsby on a total of 11 visits but there were no recorded blanks and the average went back up to 3.46 per visit.

Re-stocking took place mid month and a few days later the trophy fish showed up in returns with bot Graham Elphee and Andre Richter recording hectic battles with the 4lb plus fish, well done both

Tight lines for August.

Bottom lake July

Stearsby Notes - June 2020

A very quiet month for Catch Returns with just 8 members fishing on a total of 11 occasions, I hope members are remembering to send in their Catch Returns to me at - (don’t worry if you sent your return to my personal email – I have received them as well).

Trout caught was well down on average but with the rain towards the end of June things should liven up in July.

A few members reported that there was weed on the top lake but any problems should be resolved after the weed cutting on 7th July.

Stearsby Notes - May 2020

Well its been a strange start to the season, Stearsby got under way in March, but before I could fish there or collect the record sheets we were already in lockdown so I can’t report on March returns (yet). I can’t report on April either as no fishing was allowed but the season finally got under way again on 13th May when the lockdown rules were relaxed - note I say relaxed but there is still a problem with Covid 19 so we all still need to be careful with social distancing, washing and wiping hands with Gel etc. Also please remember we are trying to keep the numbers fishing at Stearsby at any one time low so if the car park is already busy please come back another day. Also once you have finished fishing please leave quickly so that other members have both room and time to fish.

Well when we finally got under way a few members ventured out to Stearsby and during what was left of the month there were 25 visits by 16 members, two blanks were recorded but most members saw some action lead by Gary Taylor (who sponsors the trophy trout) who had one great visit with 10 rainbows and a very big brown. Mike Williams also had a good outing with 9 rainbows from the bottom lake. Alan Bull also caught a very nice brown in the bottom lake, it looks like a wild fish or a very well mended stockie which is a bit of a puzzle over how did it get there?

Gary Taylor Brownie Gary Taylor Brownie

Alan Bull Brownie Alan Bull Brownie

You can see from the summary table that 86 trout were recorded producing an average of 3.44 trout per visit (17 rudd were recorded though I expect more were caught but not mentioned in the emailed catch returns I received!)