Stearsby Notes - October 2015

Well that’s it for another season. I nipped up to Stearsby to pick up the log sheets to see how anglers had fared in October. The Lakes were a good height but a light muddy brown colour, despite this there were still quite a few fish topping and mopping up daddy longlegs among other flies I could see. There appear to be quite a few fish left in both lakes so hopefully some will overwinter and provide great sport early next season. As to the catch return it was quite a good month for anglers (although I blanked on 4th October much to the amusement of my Grandson who managed to catch a rainbow on the bottom lake!). There were one or two others who blanked but most people caught fish, indeed Ian Dodd made the most of October recording 40 fish from 5 visits, impressive stuff well done Ian! The last word goes to Andre Richter who caught 3 fish on 31st October his comment was simply “Great last day”.

Stearsby Catch Returns 2015

Date Angler Visits Fish Caught Top Lake Bottom Lake Fish Retained Top Fish Retained Bottom Rudd Brown Trout Blue  Trout Avg. per angler visit
March 70 243 164 79 9 7 N/A 1 N/A 3.47
April 30 33 20 13 4 2 1 N/A N/A 1.10
May 69 267 133 134 10 10 1 1 0 3.87
June 43 64 33 31 10 4 2 0 0 1.49
July 47 196 119 77 6 5 0 0 0 4.17
August 30 71 44 27 5 3 17 0 0 2.37
September 33 196 141 55 8 4 5 4 0 5.94
October 32 117 58 59 3 6 0 0 0 3.66
Total 354 1187 712 475 55 41 26 6 0 3.32

Stearsby Notes - September 2015

I am writing this on 4th October having suffered the ignominy of being out fished by my 10 year old grandson who fished as a guest at the lakes today when I went to collect the record sheet for September. I should perhaps explain we were only there 2 hours and he landed 1 rainbow on a goldhead while I was broken by the only fish I connected with.

The lakes themselves are actually looking pretty good with the weed starting to die back so there are more clear areas for fishing. There is no shortage of fish cruising round, though tempting them, as I found out, is by no means certain, but it’s still exciting stuff seeing beautiful rainbows chase your fly only to turn away at the last second. As far as numbers for last month go it’s probably one of the best Septembers we have on record (we had restocked!). There were 33 recorded visits and all the anglers who fished caught fish with a total of 196 fish recorded of which 4 were brown trout, but none of the big rainbows were recorded in this month’s log book. (The log sheet also shows that in the first few days of October everyone but me has caught fish!!) As far as successful flies goes small and fished slowly seems to be the best advice, but then quite a few were taken on Daddies and Goldheads , so it could be almost be a try what your confident with and keep changing if it’s not working. Stearsby season closes at the end of October but if the recent good weather holds with warm days there could be some good sport to be had in the last few weeks. I certainly hope to get out a few more times.

Stearsby Notes - August 2015

I am writing this August Stearsby update on a wet August Bank Holiday Monday. I nipped up to Stearsby at half past four to get the catch returns for August (and had a couple of hours fishing while I was there!!!). As it had been raining off and on all day I was surprised to find another car parked up and noted that three anglers had signed in and packed up and Richard Ianson was still fishing. I started on the bottom lake but had no success and then saw Richard walking back down to sign out. He told me he had tried everything natural and imitative he could think of without a touch and was on the point of packing up when he thought he would just have a quick cast with a lure and immediately hooked and landed one of the “big boys” estimate around 5lbs – though he felt it didn’t put up much of a fight. Looking through the returns I see that the “big boys” have been caught a couple times in August, Dave Turnbull caught two on the top lake on the 4th August, then Ian Dodd got one, again from top lake on the 18th, no one else recorded catching one until Ian’s today. My couple of hours today produced two rainbows from the top lake, but not the big ones, though two of them were cruising round studiously ignoring everything I put in front of them. The catch returns for August show 30 angling visits and 71 fish caught 44 from top and 27 from the bottom – 17 rudd were also recorded (even I caught a micro rudd today!). The weed situation isn’t brilliant, but our work in July has helped and both lakes have good areas that are still fishable and there are plenty of fish to be seen (though tempting them is interesting) so with the final restocking due soon the prospects for September are pretty good. Tight lines.

Stearsby Notes - July 2015

An interesting month at Stearsby starting with a couple of days working parties to clear some of the weed from both lakes before the restocking could take place. Quite a lot of weed was removed and the fish were successfully introduced including several Brown Trout and four Big Rainbows that have been sponsored by Gary Taylor. As previously mentioned these sponsored fish are to add a little fun for the last couple of months of the season and if caught should be witnessed (if possible) and quickly returned and noted in the record book, there will be prizes for them at the AGM.

As to the returns for July - 47 angling visits resulted in 196 fish recorded including 3 of the big ones. As far as I can see Wayne Laverack got the first one on the 12th July and David Aspinall got 2 on the 23rd, well done both. Gary Mimms also got a large fish on 14th July, - he recorded it as 3lb 12 oz – but I am not sure if this was one of the “Big Fish” – as I think these were all over 5lb. Finally I had been away on holiday so it wasn’t until 11th August that I had a chance to collect the July records. Both lakes have a fair amount of weed showing but both have good fishable areas with plenty of fish showing. As a teaser for next month’s report I can see from the entries for August that someone recorded “ 2 huge Rainbows from the top lake…”  full details next month.

Stearsby Notes - June 2015

Having looked through the catch returns for June it looks like some of the rainbows are wising up to fly… there were 43 angler visits and 64 trout caught an overall average of 1.49 trout per visit. Both lakes are fishing much the same with 33 recorded from the top and 31 from the bottom. Two rudd were recorded, which I find interesting as looking at the lakes in the last few days the bottom lake is swarming with them, literally thousands so anyone fishing small flies is likely to get them. As usual a wide variety of flies have been tried with buzzers, Mayflies and Olives accounting for most fish, though sedges goldheads bloodworm and Greenwells Glory have taken a few as well.

I’m writing this on 4th July having just got back from a working party trying to clear weed from the lakes before the next restocking later this month, (Hard work with only four of us and we will need a further go tomorrow!) but the lakes already have plenty of fish showing and taking buzzers and chasing the many Damselflies that are skating over the lakes. I think prospects for July are good especially if you try a slow retrieve close to the weed and are prepared to hold on tight to keep the rainbow clear of the weed.  Tight lines.

Stearsby Notes - May 2015

What a difference a month makes! In April there were just 30 angler visits to Stearsby and only 33 fish were caught, but in May there were 69 Angler visits and a whopping 267 trout recorded (plus 1 Rudd!). Although there were a few blanks recorded most people were catching and the average was 3.87 fish per visit. I even managed a couple of visits myself, the first was just a short session when I went up to collect the catch records for April and May and had a few casts and landed 2 rainbows and a splendid 2lb plus brown from the top lake. On my other session my 9 year old Grandson came with me as he is desperate to learn to fly fish. He didn’t catch anything on the bottom lake but on the top lake casting just a few yards from the Dam Wall he landed two rainbows and lost a couple of others using a black hopper fished stationery in the ripple.

We were sharing one rod and on “my turn” I caught three rainbows, the third of which was the biggest I’ve seen for a while and was easily 4lb plus… I don’t remember seeing that go in when we were doing the stocking, it fought like mad and was safely returned. We also had a go from the boat on the top lake and Noah hooked several more rainbows but was not able to keep them on long enough to land, but he had fun and definitely wants to be a member as soon as he is old enough.

I had a quick walk around the lakes today (2nd June) when I collected the May log sheets and I was pleased to see that the leak at the sluice on the bottom lake has been repaired with a hefty layer of clay, long may it last. The lakes themselves are still very fishable (as the records show!) but the weed is getting thicker near the dam on the bottom lake and on the right side of the top lake, but there were plenty of fish showing and rising in amongst the weed and cruising along less than a rod length out from the dam wall of the top lake. (so even beginners like my grandson should be able to cast out the few yards to cover these fish!).  Tight lines.

Stearsby Notes - March & April 2015

It is well into the Stearsby season and a good time to give a quick update on how the lakes have fished in the first two months. The season got off to a good start on 1st March with 5 anglers fishing and recording a total of 23 fish between them. Things improved during the first week with individual anglers recording catches of 14, 14 and 19 fish while one rod lost count after the first 12 or so fish… all good stuff. Although a few rods recorded blanks (and some rather wet and windy weather) on the whole March was good with 70 angler visits and 243 fish recorded (164 from top lake and 79 from the bottom lake). There were not as many visits in April only 30 with just 33 fish recorded (20 from the top lake and 13 from the bottom lake). So far 40 members have managed to visit the lakes and the Catch Analaysis table shows the details with the overall average for the 2 months of 2.76 fish per visit. A quick glance down the flies used section of the log book reveals a lot of different flies have been used. Goldheads featuring a lot, as do Buzzers (in green or black), Nymphs, olive or black. Fritz and Cats Whiskers have also produced takes and a few anglers have tried dries with hoppers amongst several patterns that have been successful. Having said that it still seems most flies will produce results, though one angler recording a blank and under ‘Fly used’ noted “the Wrong Ones!” - happy days! On the weed situation the bottom lake is pretty much Ok except near the dam wall end, and the top lake is looking good except for the far right bank which has quite a bit of weed growth already, but the rest of it remains very fishable.  Tight Lines.