Newsletter Jan 2015

Dear Member

The annual general meeting of the association will take place at the Ainsty Hotel Boroughbridge Road York Monday 23 February 2015 at 7.30 PM.

The agenda will be as follows: -

1. Apologies for absence

2. Minutes of last meeting

3. Matters arising

4. Officers' reports

5. Election of Officers

6. AOB

2015 membership fees as follows:-

Members    £80.00

Juniors    £20

For new members a £50.00 joining fee is also payable.

Please arrange to pay membership fees on the evening of the A G M - fees MUST be paid by 01 March. Please have cheques made out in advance to YTAA. Where cash is to be paid it would be useful if you could tender exact moneys. Members not attending the meeting may pay by post, forward to: - Ian Hardy Hon Treas YTAA.

Please bring membership cards for 2015 authorisation.

An overview of the Association's accounts will be presented at the AGM.


Pre-season work parties concentrated on the upper reaches of Isle Beck these were quite well supported with clearance work completed up to the weir pool. Work was also undertaken on the River Dove.

Early season sport was productive with a beautiful first day at Stearsby, the water was clear and at a perfect fishing level, six rods were out enjoying some heavy creels. We received several reports of well kept over-wintered fish. We also had notice of several small browns caught in the top lake proving that we do have some natural recruitment there. Good sport was reported across all the fisheries during April, May and June. Gary Taylor and Glen Mimms caught so many fish at Stearsby suggesting that we might be receiving claims for repetitive strain injury. The perennial bottom sluice leak caused problems at Stearsby and we are grateful to Sam Seago and Richard Pulleyn for their repair work.

A short but enjoyable mayfly season put some welcome bends in our rods at Isle Beck and at Stearsby. Breeding Otters are now well established at Isle Beck; evidence suggests that they are enjoying our stock-fish as much if not more than we are. Signal Crayfish continue to colonise the whole length of Isle Beck. On a very positive note we are enjoying resurgence in Grayling stocks. We will run a raffle at the AGM if you are able to bring a prize it will be most welcome.

Please remember to forward your catch return book to Pete Conde, it will be returned to you at the AGM.


The following flies have proved their worth in recent seasons; in semi-seasonal order try PTNs, gold heads, any large caddis nymphs, Czech nymphs, GRHE's, mayfly nymphs, greenwells, klinkerhammers, adams, march brown, tups, mayflies, shadow mayflies, sedges. Flies such as Griffith's knat, Hardy's orange, grey duster and greenwells work well all season given dry-fly conditions. For Stearsby early season lures soon become redundant and attractor patterns need to be replaced with imitative flies; nymphs, GRHE, PTNs, buzzers of all descriptions and bloodworms, do not forget that the dry fly can work well and there is often a splendid mayfly hatch. An analysis of the catch returns will be presented at the AGM.


Always carry your EA licence and YTAA card

Any sign of pollution or distressed fish or seriously low water contact the EA on free phone 0800 8070 60

Show your YTAA card to any member asking to see it

Fishing with maggot before June 16 is illegal

River Trout size limit is 10 inches. Please note you may take a brace of fish at 10 inches or above. Please do not kill fish you do not need, handle any fish you wish to return carefully with wet hands without removing from the water if possible.


23 February AGM - Ainsty Hotel 19:30
01 March Stearsby opening day
07/08 March Isle beck/ working parties, A19 10.00hrs
14/15 March Isle Beck/River Dove working parties.
25 March Becks open for trout fishing
Restocking dates to be notified

Please let me have your email address if you have one. The working parties are ideal opportunities to visit the waters and gain valuable fishing knowledge from other rods and at the same time improve our sport for the season. Please lend a hand if you can. Fishing for salmon and sea trout is available to all YTAA anglers on the river South Esk in Angus; please contact Ian Hardy for 2015 availability.

Happy New Year to All and Tight lines 2015.

R W Sawdon Hon Sec YTAA