Cod Beck - Hints & Tips

At the 2019 AGM Richard Pulleyn presented his 'Hints and Tips' on the fishings on Cod Beck. There is much valuable information here, all based on his personal experience of tackling Cod Beck. Read it here: Cod Beck Hints & Tips.

Kingfishers Tips

Our popular contributor the Kingfisher shares his techniques and insights on fishing the smaller becks and rivers. Excellent information gleaned from many years of fishing, wading and swimming in the becks!  Read it here: Kingfishers Tips.

Pollution - Isle Beck 2017

A brief summary of the incident. Read here: Pollution - Isle Beck 2017.

The Art of Fly Making

The worlds most expensive book on fishing! Available to read here: Blacker's Art of Fly Making.

Signal Crayfish

The signal crayfish is an unwelcome intruder from the USA which is now an increasing problem in our northern streams. If you are unsure what a signal crayfish looks like or want any more information then read it here: Signal Crayfish.

Stearsby Renovations

Major works were undertaken in 2013 to improve the condition of the top lake. Here is a brief overview and several photos documenting progress during this project. Read it here: Stearsby Works.

Fishing Reports

Fishing reports as received from members. Includes videos! Read here: Fishing Reports.

Isle Beck Survey

In 2007 the Environment Agency conducted an electro fishing survey of the Isle Beck system. This was undertaken to assess how fish stocks had recovered since the major pollution incident in 1988. This is an interesting and detailed look at the changes that this fishery has undergone over recent years. Note this is a pdf document, click here to view or download: Isle Beck Survey.