AGM Minutes 2019

PRESENT Richard Pulleyn Chair (acting), Ian Hardy Treasurer, Bob Sawdon Secretary, Committee: Pete Conde, Darrell Shimmin and Kelvin Donkin (ex-officio) web site manager.

Richard Pulleyn the YTAA Chairman for the evening welcomed all present to the AGM describing the house rules and the organisation of the evening.


Tom Storey, Dr. Rob Bolton (Sen), Tony Rawcliffe, Ian Butcher, Wayne Laverack, Peter Higginson, Geoff Hardaker, Andre Richter, Brian Chandler, David Lloyd, Alec Hoskins, Oliver Shimmin, Rory Williams, Mike Williams, Paul Harrison, David Campbell, Andrew Oliver, Nick Boyle, Alan Bull and Bill Pegram.

2. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS AGM (19 February 2018)

The minutes of the previous meeting had been posted in draft on the YTAA web-site. The Chairman signed-off the 2018 AGM minutes as a true record.


There were no matters arising from the minutes of the 2018 AGM.


4.1 Report by the Treasurer

Ian Hardy YTAA Hon. Treasurer gave an overview of the association’s financial position highlighting income and expenditure during the 2018 season. The balance sheet was presented to the membership present. The Treasurer described a minor working deficit explaining that this was owing to the association taking on the new fishery at Cod Beck and other fishery maintenance. The Treasurer described the major repairs to the Stearsby boats applauding the excellent work undertaken by Sam Seago and Graham Elphee; the Treasurer informed the membership present that this has been carried out at neutral cost to the association.
With all rents, re-stocking and other expenses covered the balance sheet is in good order with working capital on deposit. The key message from the Treasurer’s report was that the 2019 subscription should remain at £80.00 with a new member joining fee of £50.00.

4.2 Report by the Secretary

The Secretary gave a summary report and a presentation of the association’s business throughout the 2018 season. The key points being: -

•  The working parties and re-stocking.

•  Predation by Otters.

•  General report on sport and fly life.

•  The Secretary informed the meeting that the new Fishings at Cod Beck were secured in March and that YTAA limits and parking signs had been erected.

•  The Secretary described some early season misunderstanding by a YTAA rod on the Cod Beck boundaries this was amicably resolved with the landowner.

•  Despite the less than favourable early season weather (snow in March and heavy rain in April) good returns were noted, particularly Cod Beck Grayling.

•  As mentioned earlier in the meeting the by the Treasurer the Secretary thanked Sam Seago and Graham Elphee for their excellent work with the boat repairs, the boats were re-launched at Stearsby in April.

•  A pollution incident at Cod beck was reported by Andre Richter in June. This was found to be chicken slurry above Thirsk and did not impact YTAAs fishings.

•  The very long hot summer had not caused a major impact on the annual returns as described in Pete Conde’s report it had however caused the bottom sluice leak to re-appear.

•  Despite adverse conditions in September Rick Barwick had reported 14 fish in three hours at Stearsby using an interesting sub-surface white fly.

•  The Secretary described the incidence of diseased trout caught at Stearsby. This was reported by Richard Wright and Ian Dodd. David Morley YTAA member and EA Fisheries Officer described what actions should be taken in the event of diseased fish being caught. It was agreed that a guidance note be uploaded to the website.

•  The Secretary reminded the meeting that Garry Taylor had very kindly again sponsored the GT trophy fish. The Chairman invited the lucky captors; David Turnbull, Ian Dodd and Bill Pegram to come forward to receive a bottle of wine presented by Garry. (Bill Pegram apologies) The Association remain grateful for Garry’s on-going support and generosity.

The Secretary reminded the meeting that Garry Taylor had very kindly again sponsored the GT trophy fish. The Chairman invited the lucky captors; David Turnbull, Pete Conde, John Adcock, Ian Dodd and David Aspinall to come forward to receive a bottle of wine presented by Garry. The Association remain grateful for Garry’s on-going support and generosity.

The Secretary reminded the meeting that 2018 had seen the passing of Jeff Hardy long term member and former Treasurer of YTAA. Jeff’s wish was that his vast collection of fishing equipment be in some way used to benefit YTAA. Ian Hardy had prepared a priced catalogue of Jeff’s equipment such that Jeff’s collection could be distributed amongst YTAA members with the proceeds going to the YTAA coffers.

The Secretary concluded his report with a presentation of highlights of the 2019 season.

4.3 Catch Returns

Peter Conde gave a detailed analysis of 2018 season’s catch returns; a summary is detailed in the tables below.


Members Fishing Recorded Visits Fish Caught Top Lake Bottom Lake
65 + 3 Guests 281 791 458 333

89 fish were retained.

Becks and Rivers

Recorded Visits Hours Recorded Trout Grayling Chub Dace Minnow Other
110 396.6 252 95 85 9 8 1 Bullhead

4.4 Gristhwaite Farm Cod Beck Fishings

Richard Pulleyn the acting Chairman had contacted the YTAA Secretary with information on an excellent first season on the new Gristhwaite Farm Cod Beck Fishings. Richard had generously offered to present his Cod Beck experience to the meeting with a view to helping other members enjoy the water.
Richard started his presentation by stating that 15 visits had resulted in 57 fish; 23 trout, 17 grayling and 17 chub/dace. Richard advised that before setting out time should be taken to read the Kingfisher diaries; Peter Conde’s excellent online journal offers much information for a successful trip. Richard went on to say that judicious use of the water level gauges at Dalton and Thirsk not only optimise fishing success but are also important for personal safety. 0.8m on the Dalton gauge is an ideal height at 1.0m wading is not advised. The Thirsk gauge can be used to ascertain whether the river is rising/falling/steady the main part of the presentation focused on where to fish with parking, access to the different sections and where to get in and out of the water.
Richard discussed equipment, fly selection, technique. Key amongst Richard’s recommendations were the necessity for chest waders with cleated/studded soles, felt soles are not suitable and the use of a wading stick. A full transcript of Richard’s paper appears on the YTAA web-site


Kelvin Donkin YTAA website manager gave an overview of the use of the website.
Key points being that 2018 saw the average monthly visits up to circa 1000. The website has visitors from as far afield the Far East and South America. Peter Conde’s Kingfisher Diaries continues to be by far the most popular feature. Kelvin is keen for contribution/copy from all members, articles, photographs suitable links are all welcome.


The Secretary informed the meeting that Tom Storey long-term Chairman of YTAA had decided to step down. Tom had stated that he would be prepared to continue serving on the YTAA committee. Richard Pulleyn was proposed as Chairman by Graham Elphee; this was seconded by Norman Elliot and Stuart Howitt. A vote in favour was unanimous and Richard Pulleyn was duly elected Chairman YTAA. Ian Hardy Hon. Treasurer, Bob Sawdon Hon. Secretary, Committee; Tom Storey, Peter Conde, Alan Bull and Darrell Shimmin was re-elected en-masse by unanimous vote.


Kelvin Donkin asked for clarification on closed seasons particularly Cod Beck. This was resolved and Kelvin undertook to update the website accordingly. Chairman asked that links to the gauging stations for the Dove and the Riccal also be added to the website. The Chairman thanked the membership present for their attendance. The officers and committee were thanked for their continued work for the association. The Chairman recorded special thanks to Tom Storey for his long and dedicated service to YTAA. Thanks, are also recorded to Mick Dowson for his generous donation of high quality YTAA signage.


Sam Seago had very kindly once again organised a fund-raising raffle. Thanks, are recorded to Sam for his on-going support and generosity to the club. The committee and members had donated many prizes; Sam’s raffle raised £168.00 for the club’s coffers.

There being no further business the Chairman closed the 2019 AGM at 21:11hrs.

R W Sawdon - Hon Sec YTAA

Richard Pulleyn - Chairman YTAA