AGM Minutes 2018

PRESENT Darrell Shimmin Chair (acting), Ian Hardy Treasurer, and Bob Sawdon Secretary Committee: Pete Conde, and Alan Bull. Kelvin Donkin (ex-officio) web site manager.

Darrell Shimmin the YTAA Chairman for the evening welcomed all present to the AGM describing the house rules and the organisation of the evening.


Tom Storey, Dr. Rob Bolton (Sen), Jeff Metcalf, John Adams, Scott Paterson, Tony Rawcliffe, Ian Butcher, Wayne Laverack, Peter Higginson, Alec Keen, Geoff Hardaker, Paul Robinson, Andre Richter, Brian Chandler, Jeff Metcalf, Norman West, David Lloyd, Paul Slater, David Aspinall, Alec Hoskins, Oliver Shimmin, Rory Williams, Neil Thorne, A.V. Marshall, Rob Fitzgerald, Kevin Grinham, Paul Harrison, David Campbell, John Gill, David Grant, David Hope, Harry Hope, Bill Pegram, Rick Barwick and Mick Dowson.

2. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS AGM (20 February 2017)

The minutes of the previous meeting had been posted in draft on the YTAA web-site. The Chairman signed-off the 2017 AGM minutes as a true record.


There were no matters arising from the minutes of the 2017 AGM.


4.1 Report by the Treasurer

Ian Hardy YTAA Hon. Treasurer gave an overview of the association’s financial position highlighting income and expenditure during the 2017 season. The balance sheet was presented to the membership present. With all rents, re-stocking and other expenses covered the balance sheet is in good order with working capital on deposit. The Treasurer stated that with all rents and re-stocking paid he was in a position to approve extra moneys for an item later in the agenda. The Treasurer informed the meeting that there were no exceptional financial matters during the 2018 season he also reminded the group that YTAA’s biggest expense by far is the purchase of the Stearsby stock fish. The key message from the Treasurer’s report was that the 2018 subscription should remain at £80.00 with a new member joining fee of £50.00.

4.2 Report by the Secretary

The Secretary gave a summary report and a presentation of the association’s business throughout the 2017 season most of which had been communicated in the newsletter. The key points being: -

•  The working parties and re-stocking

•  General report on sport and fly life

•  Richard Pulleyn’s exceptional April afternoon on Isle Beck where 23 trout to 1½lbs were enjoyed

•  John Adcock’s May visit to Stearsby where five hours fishing produced 30 fish

•  The continued presence of breeding Otters on all YTAA waters

•  Weed cutting and work recent clearance work undertaken at Stearsby

•  The Secretary reminded the meeting that Garry Taylor had very kindly again sponsored the GT trophy fish.

The Secretary reminded the meeting that Garry Taylor had very kindly again sponsored the GT trophy fish. The Chairman invited the lucky captors; David Turnbull, Pete Conde, John Adcock, Ian Dodd and David Aspinall to come forward to receive a bottle of wine presented by Garry. The Association remain grateful for Garry’s on-going support and generosity.

The Secretary thanked Richard Pulleyn for pointing out the error on the rules section of the waters page of the web-site regarding worm fishing, this has now been corrected. The Secretary informed the meeting that the jetties on the top lake at Stearsby had become unsafe and are now out of use.

The Secretary concluded his report with a presentation of a new water opportunity on Cod Beck. YTAA committee were made aware of the fishery by Richard Pulleyn. In Mid-January Richard organised a visit to the water and a meeting with the riparian owner. The meeting was successful with both parties keen for YTAA to take on the fishery. The Secretary presented photographs and a rough map of the fishery. Research by Kelvin Donkin, Richard Pulleyn and Sam Seago has revealed that the fishery offers very excellent Trout and Grayling fishing with a good head of mixed course fish also being present in the water. The Chairman invited comments from the floor. Stewart Howitt had fished the water as a member of the now defunct Thirsk AA he said that members always preferred this water to their other stretches on the Swale. John Green stated that his late Father Pete had caught record trout on the fishery. There was general excitement about the new opportunity and the gathered members agreed unanimously that the committee should secure the water for YTAA’s portfolio. It is noted that the association’s success in securing this water is down to the riparian confidence in YTAA’s organisation. This confidence is based on Richard Pulleyn’s reference and the owners background checks into YTAA via our web-site; gratitude to Richard and Kelvin are recorded. The Treasurer explained that which he had alluded to earlier in the meeting stating that funds are available to rent this water.

4.3 Catch Returns

Peter Conde gave a summary of 2017 season's catch returns;


Members Fishing Recorded Visits Fish Caught Top Lake Bottom Lake
64 + 6 Guests 354 837 445 392

73 fish were retained.

Becks and Rivers

Recorded Visits Hours Recorded Trout Grayling Chub Dace Minnow Other
64 216 338 56 23 2 2 1 Bullhead

The complete data can be found on the YTAA web-site

Peter concluded his report with notification of a pollution incident at Thirkleby Mill in August. This had been investigated by EA and found to be a raw sewage escape from a blocked drain. Ammonia levels were found to be low and dilution such that the incident was not likely to result in fish kills. All members are reminded to be vigilant and report any such further instances.

4.4 Report by the Chairman

The Chairman thanked the membership present for their attendance. The two honorary officers and the committee were thanked for their continued hard work for the association. The Chairman recorded thanks to Kelvin Donkin; the association’s web-site manager. The Chairman thanked Sam for his excellent fund-raising work with the raffle and his continued support with engineering matters. The Chairman commended Pete Conde for his comprehensive analysis and presentation of the catch returns.


Web-site visits were presented. The success of the web-site is evident with monthly visits in 2017 up to circa 1000 hits/month. The web-site is now fully functional across all platforms and continues to attract global interest. Kelvin informed the meeting that the waters page and the Kingfisher Diaries remain the most popular areas.


Tom Storey Chairman, Ian Hardy Hon. Treasurer, Bob Sawdon Hon. Secretary, Committee; Peter Conde, Alan Bull and Darrell Shimmin was re-elected en-masse by unanimous vote.


David Turnbull pointed out the poor condition of the Stearsby boats. The Secretary responded saying that the smaller white boat is operational and safe but the blue boat is in need of repairs to the transom, seat and rowlocks; with the transportation help of the Stearsby Keeper Sam Seago and Graham Elphee are to undertake repairs. Kelvin Donkin asked if any further consideration had been given to rudd removal from the bottom lake stating that perch introduction amongst other possible solutions had been generally discussed. The Secretary said that the committee were still considering this and that he would ask EA about setting fyke nets in the summer as they have in previous years.


Sam Seago had very kindly once again organised a fund-raising raffle. Thanks, are recorded to Sam for his on-going support and generosity to the club. The committee and members had donated many prizes; Sam’s raffle raised £171.00 for the club’s coffers.

There being no further business the Chairman closed the 2018 AGM at 21:05hrs.

R W Sawdon - Hon Sec YTAA

Darrell Shimmin - Chairman YTAA