AGM Minutes 2017

PRESENT Tom Storey Chair, Ian Hardy Treasurer, and Bob Sawdon Secretary Committee: Pete Conde, Darrell Shimmin and Alan Bull. Kelvin Donkin (ex-officio) Website manager.

Tom Storey the YTAA Chairman welcomed all present to the AGM describing the house rules and the organisation of the evening.


Richard Wright, Geoff Adams, Dr. Rob Bolton (Sen), Dr. Rob Bolton (Junior), Jeff Metcalf, John Adams, Scott Paterson, Mr Paterson (Sen),Tony Rawcliffe, Ian Butcher, Wayne Laverack, and Mick Dowson.

2. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS AGM (22 February 2016)

The minutes of the previous meeting had been posted in draft on the YTAA web-site. The Chairman allowed a few minutes for final review before accepting and signing off the 2016 AGM minutes as a true record.


There were no matters arising from the minutes of the 2016 AGM.


4.1 Report by the Treasurer

Ian Hardy YTAA Hon. Treasurer gave an overview of the association’s financial position highlighting income and expenditure during the 2016 season. The balance sheet was presented to the membership present. With all rents, re-stocking and other expenses covered the balance sheet is in good order with working capital on deposit. The Treasurer described a slight deficit in comparison with the last report explaining that this was owing to the reduced joining fee. The Treasurer stated that as the association’s membership is at full compliment income was also reduced due to fewer admissions. The Treasurer stated that with all rents and re-stocking paid he was in a position to approve mechanical weed clearance at Stearsby. The key message from the Treasurer’s report was that the 2017 subscription should remain at £80.00 with a new member joining fee of £50.00.

4.2 Report by the Secretary

The Secretary gave a summary report of the association's business throughout the 2016 season most of which had been communicated in the newsletter. The key points being:-

•  The working parties and re-stocking

•  General report on sport and fly life

•  Despite early floods and summer drought good sport was reported through the season

•  May was particularly good owing to large numbers of Hawthorn fly and early Mayfly

•  The increasing reports of Signal Crayfish

•  The presence of breeding Otters on the Isle Beck system and the Dove

•  New design grill fitted to the bottom sluice leak at Stearsby (Thanks to Sam Seago)

•  The very generous sponsorship of the GT trophy fish by Garry Taylor

•  The Secretary’s report concluded with a presentation of the Stearsby weed cutting work undertaken in February 2016

4.3 Catch Returns

Peter Conde gave a summary of 2016 season's catch returns;


Members Fishing Recorded Visits Fish Caught Top Lake Bottom Lake
61 + 6 Guests 351 1128 628 500

91 fish were retained - 36 from Top lake - 55 from Bottom lake

Becks and Rivers

Books Returned Recorded Visits Hours Recorded Trout Grayling Chub Dace
10 61 213.15 338 19 10 3

The complete data can be found on the YTAA web-site

4.4 Report by the Chairman

The Chairman thanked the membership present for their attendance. The two honorary officers and the committee were thanked for their continued hard work for the association. The Chairman recorded thanks to Kelvin Donkin; the association’s web-site manager. The Chairman thanked Sam for his excellent fund raising work with the raffle and his continued support with engineering matters. The Chairman commended Pete Conde for his comprehensive analysis and presentation of the catch returns. The Chairman announced that during the 2016 season Mr Alec Hoskins had been awarded Honorary Membership. The Chairman told the gathered membership that Mr Hoskins is our longest associate (in fact supporting the association for 70 years +). At this point the Chairman gave Mr Hoskins the floor. Mr Hoskins graciously accepted his award delighting the assembly with fishing stories from half-way through the last century. Mr Hoskins described how the 1946 year book advised members wishing to fish Fangfoss Beck to take the train from York Railway Station to Fangfoss Railway Station…


Garry Taylor had very generously sponsored the introduction of 4 specimen trout into the top lake at Stearsby. The successful captors were; Harry Hope and Peter Conde. Garry presented prizes to Harry and Peter. After making the presentations Garry very kindly offered to sponsor the award for the 2017 season.


Tom Storey Chairman, Ian Hardy Hon. Treasurer, Bob Sawdon Hon. Secretary, Committee; Peter Conde, Alan Bull and Darrell Shimmin was re-elected en-masse by unanimous vote.


Kelvin Donkin YTAA web-site manager described work carried out during 2016 to update the web-site such that it is now usable on all mobile platforms. Kelvin presented to the group visit statistics stating that the number of hits had levelled out much to his expectations. Kelvin explained that a members’ only area is a possibility where more confidential information could be posted. Kelvin told the group that the “Kingfisher Diaries” are the most frequented areas; support for Peter Conde’s excellent authorship of these was echoed from the floor. Kelvin informed the meeting that he did not favour links to social media sites.


Graham Elfee related his frustration with EA in his efforts to obtain a license to remove Signal Crayfish by trapping. Graham stated that his experience showed that obtaining a trapping license in our part of the country to legally trap this seriously invasive species is presently impossible. A short open discussion on catching them by rod and line ensued. A protracted debate on the issue of guest tickets was prompted by Andre Richter. The key point being that a certain limited number of members require access to the short notice issue of guest tickets. It was suggested that these could be applied for, and paid for on line. Chris Wedge stated that easier access to guest tickets could help with introducing younger members. The assembly was informed that changes to the present system would be considered in committee and reported back to the membership. Six guest tickets were issued during the 2016 season. Mark Ludiman asked about taking younger anglers as guests, the Secretary advised that the easiest way to do this would be for younger members (family members etc) to be enrolled in the junior section. Peter Conde announced that YTAA was again supporting the Wild Trout Trust auction by donating a day’s Beck Fishing with Peter acting as guide.

Sam's Raffle

Sam Seago had very kindly once again organised a fund raising raffle. Thanks are recorded to Sam for his on-going support and generosity to the club. The committee and members had donated many prizes; Sam’s raffle raised £177.06 for the club’s coffers. There being no further business the Chairman closed the 2017 AGM at 21:10hrs.

R W Sawdon - Hon Sec YTAA

Darrell Shimmin - Chairman YTAA