AGM Minutes 2014

Tom Storey YTAA Chairman welcomed all present to the AGM describing the house rules and the organisation of the evening.


Claire Storey, Phil Conde, Oliver Shimmin, Robert Bolton, Alec Hoskins, David Aspinall, Steve Foster, Mick Blows, Chris Adams, Paul Slater, Jeff Metcalf, Jim Farrington, Geoff Adams, Brian Bainbridge, Ian Butcher, David Grant, Phil Harrison, Peter Higginson, Tony Rawcliffe, Roger Spencer, Paul Long and Rory Williams.

2. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS AGM (25 February 2013)

The minutes of the above were accepted as a true record and signed off by the Chairman and Secretary.


There were no matters arising from the minutes of the 2013 AGM.


4.1 Report by the Treasurer

Ian Hardy YTAA Hon. Treasurer presented a spreadsheet explaining the association's financial position. The spreadsheet highlighted income and expenditure during the 2013 season. The key point being that the Stearsby improvement plan was delivered under budget. The Treasurer concluded his report by informing the meeting that the balance sheet is in good order and that his recommendation given in 2013 for the 2014 subscription of £80.00 should stand, this was accepted by the meeting.

4.2 Report by the Secretary

The Secretary gave a summary report of the association's business throughout the 2013 season most of which had been communicated in the newsletter. The key points being:-

•  The working parties and re-stocking

•  General report on sport and fly life

•  The launch of the on-line Kingfisher Diaries and the general success of the web

•  The increasing reports of Signal Crayfish and Otters on the Isle Beck system

•  Increased grayling population in Isle Beck

•  Further introduction of grayling into Isle Beck

•  The Biogas Plant at Isle Beck

•  Bullhead fatalities 2013 reported to EA

•  The grayling bye-law changed in 2010 (limit now two fish 30-38cm in any one day)

The Secretary gave a presentation on the Stearsby improvement works which despite various problems was completed on time and under budget. The work concluded with a further 10 year lease being agreed with the riparian owner. The Secretary informed the meeting that the work would not have been possible without the help of key volunteers; Sam Seago, Richard Pulleyn, Steve Foster, Alan Bull but above all that the association was in debt to Ian Hardy who's dedication to the project had made it a great success. Richard Pulleyn proposed a vote of thanks recognising Ian's unstinting work at the fishery. The Stearsby presentation slides are available on the YTAA web-site - Click here.

4.3 Catch Returns

Peter Conde gave a summary of 2013 season's catch returns;

Becks 93 recorded visits produced 394 trout, 18 Grayling and 9 chub.

Stearsby 61 members fished on 215 visits - with an average of 2.08 fish per visit.

Peter's presentation was informative and demonstrated a thorough analysis of the catch return data. The complete data can be found on the YTAA web-site - Click here..

4.4 Report by the Chairman

The Chairman thanked the membership present for their attendance remarking that it was very pleasing to see such a good turn out. The two honorary officers were thanked for their continued hard work for the association. The Chairman thanked all the volunteers who had helped with the Stearsby enabling work. The Chairman thanked Sam for his excellent fund raising work with the raffle. The Chairman reminded the meeting about working party attendance and the importance of information gathered from the beck catch return books, he encouraged all members to complete the return. The Chairman recorded thanks to Kelvin Donkin YTAA web-site manager whose excellent work had resulted in many hits, several new members and the success of the Kingfisher Diaries. Finally the Chairman thanked Pete Conde for his first class work in compiling and analysing the catch returns.


Tom Storey Chairman, Ian Hardy Hon. Treasurer, Bob Sawdon Hon. Secretary, Committee; Peter Conde, Alan Bull and Darrell Shimmin was re-elected en-masse by unanimous vote.


Rick Barwick informed the meeting that he had not been able to access the Dove Fishing's when arriving early morning; farm entrance gate locked... Secretary to take up with Mr Cussons the owner.

John Skelton was concerned about the grills being left out of the Stearsby sluices, the Secretary advised that this was planned as part of flow/weed blockage management; the grills are back in place following re-stocking.

Darrell Shimmin asked about the procurement of a weed cutting boat, the Secretary advised that he and the Treasurer are still trying to secure one at a good price.

John Gill asked that Stearsby weed clearance days be notified to the membership in order to maintain bottom pond sport in high summer.

Sam's Raffle

Sam Seago had very kindly once again organised a fund raising raffle. Thanks are recorded to Sam for his on-going support and generosity to the club. The committee and members had donated many prizes; Sam's raffle raised £136.00 for the club's coffers. There being no further business the Chairman closed the 2014 AGM at 20:30hrs.

R W Sawdon - Hon Sec YTAA

Tom Storey - Chairman YTAA