AGM Minutes 2009

Tom Storey the association Chairman welcomed all present to the AGM describing the house rules and the organisation of the evening.


Geoff Ward, Claire Storey, Jeff Hardy, J Lazenby, Brian Bainbridge, John Green, Mick Dowson, Kevin Grinham, Bob Woolsey, Lee Frampton and Bob Sissons.

2. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS AGM (18 February 2008)

The minutes of the above were accepted as a true record and signed off by the Chairman and the Hon. Secretary.


3.1 Fourth Milestone Pond

The membership present were informed that following several communications from members and the Environment Agency (EA) report in January, the committee decided to release this fishery. EA reported that the pond is polluted and that its future as a fishery is now questionable. Despite YTAA's best efforts with work parties and re-stocking the pond has not produced a single fish.

3.2 Grayling re-stocking Isle Beck

The Secretary informed the meeting that the association had been successful in obtaining a free delivery of fingerling grayling to Isle Beck. The fish were introduced in November 2008 in and around the Thirkleby village stretches.


4.1 Report by the Chairman

The Chairman thanked the two honorary officers for their sterling behind the scenes work. The Chairman gave special thanks to Darrell Shimmin for his continued help with legal matters. The Chairman reminded the meeting of the importance of the beck return books and asked that more members complete their returns as requested; the information gathered is vital to the club's records and invaluable if further pollution cases need to be fought. The Chairman praised all members who had attended the working parties and encouraged all to try and attend wherever possible. The Chairman stated that the working parties are not only a way of improving and maintaining our sport but also a very efficient way of learning the waters and sharing information with other rods.

4.2 Report by the Secretary

The Secretary gave a summary report of the association's business throughout the 2008 season. The report was supported by an illustrated presentation. The key points being:-

•  The 08 working parties

•  08 re-stocking

•  Excellent wild trout sport reported by Pete Conde on Isle Beck, no abstraction concerns

•  The concerns and management of the Stearsby weed problem

•  The grayling introduction into Isle Beck

•  The disappointment with; and subsequent release of; the Forth Milestone Fishery

•  Plans to develop the river Riccal

•  The recognition and requirement to report signal crayfish<

•  Summary analysis of the catch returns

•  Reminders for recognition of wild trout

•  The recognition and requirement to report signal crayfish

4.3 Report by the Treasurer

Ian Hardy YTAA Hon. Treasurer gave an explanation of the current balance sheet. The Treasurer stated that despite the economic downturn the Association's finances are in good shape and that the decision to press on with the five year plan is the correct one. The Treasurer reminded those present that the plan to reduce the subscription to £80.00 in 2013 following the Stearsby top pond work is still on-track. The plan is reviewed annually and can be adjusted as directed by the membership.

The Treasurer re-assured those present that the Association's money on deposit is in a 'good' bank.


The Chairman informed the meeting that Chris Lee had resigned from YTAA leaving a vacant committee place. (Thanks are recorded to Chris for his many seasons of service to YTAA in particular his long and hard work with the working parties).

Peter Conde proposed Alan Bull as a new committee member, this was seconded by Alec Hoskins.
Carried unanimously

The remaining Officers and committee agreed to stand again for re-election, an en-masse re-election was proposed by The Chairman.
Carried unanimously


6.1 Angling Trust

Ian Hardy raised the matter of the launching of The Angling Trust (AT). This umbrella organisation is the amalgamation of several fishing bodies representing all facets of the sport. Significantly for YTAA the Angling Conservation Association (ACA) has now merged with other angling bodies to form the AT which can if required offer insurance under it's legal arm "Fish Legal". The secretary, the Treasurer and Jeff explained the purpose of AT noting that it does not include the Salmon and Trout association (SATA) who are in fact now a registered charity. The key implication for YTAA is that for years now YTAA have been members of ACA and have relied on that body as an insurance against pollution events. ACA have in fact won two cases for YTAA resulting in £5000.00 payments in damages for loss of amenity.

YTAA have typically paid ACA circa £50.00 per annum. It is not possible to now enjoy pollution insurance cover as provided by the former ACA without also being members of AT and Fish Legal, the cost of AT plus the Fish Legal insurance is £210.00. The Treasurer proposed that YTAA join AT & Fish Legal and maintain the pollution cover, this was seconded by Jeff Metcalf.
Carried unanimously

The Treasurer went on to explain that this does not obviate the Associations requirement for its public indemnity insurance.


The Secretary informed the meeting that John Lazenby (regional Chair of SATA and YTAA member) had approached him with a view to SATA gaining access to YTAA waters. Jonathan Parsons (YTAA committee member and SATA Water Secretary) explained the SATA position; this is really to encourage membership of SATA and for SATA to be able to offer some local waters to SATA members. The facility would be very little used (past experience has typically shown eight visits per year.

Jonathan stated that SATA would purchase two tickets and that these would be carefully managed by Chas Burns (Hooks and Tackle, York). Stuart Howitt described the potential for overuse of the tickets. Jeff Metcalf and Richard I'Anson made strong cases against any such arrangements stating no benefits whatsoever to YTAA.

Jonathan Parsons proposed that SATA be allowed to purchase two annual tickets to be managed as described above, the motion was seconded by Peter Conde.
Voting: For 4. Against 26. Motion defeated.

6.3 Stearsby

The Chairman described a plan to employ the services of a water quality specialist with a view to deciding the best options for weed treatment. The specialist is a colleague of the Chairman's wife (a Professional Ecologist) and YTAA can enjoy preferential rates. The Chairman has specified the terms of reference for the report.

The Secretary detailed a meeting with the riparian owner of Stearsby explaining that it was agreed that the start of the Stearsby season could be brought forward. This had been discussed in committee. Richard Pulleyn proposed that a trial be undertaken during the 2009 season whereby the fishery is opened on March 1st. This was seconded by Peter Green.
Carried unanimously

6.4 YTAA Communication

Darrell Shimmin asked for clarification of the Association's communications stating that this would have been the first time that several members had seen the 2008 AGM minutes. The Secretary responded that this had always been the YTAA convention and that the minutes were signed-off at the subsequent AGM. The Secretary went on to say that extraordinary meetings were convened by the committee as required and that members were informed of any key information or decisions throughout the season. Darrell very kindly offered to assist with any required extra admin duties.

6.5 Five Year Plan

John Adcock questioned the safety of the plan given the possibility of reduced membership during the current economic climate. John was concerned also with the terms of the lease, particularly the duration. The Secretary responded; any agreements reached would be under the guidance of Darrell Shimmin YTAA's legal Professional. Darrell has very kindly offered his services in drafting an agreement for the proposed Stearsby work. Major deepening and extension work to the top pond will not go ahead unless YTAA's interests going forward can be fully protected. YTAA would seek to gain written guaranteed sole use of the fishery for 10-15 years after completion of the work.

6.5 Sam's Raffle

Sam Seago had very kindly once again organised a fund raising raffle. Thanks are recorded to Sam for his on-going support and generosity to the club. The committee and members had donated many prizes; Sam's raffle raised £122.00 for the club's coffers.

6.6 Beck Catch Return Books

Following the departure of Chris Lee from the association Pete Conde will now take over the analysis of the beck catch returns. Please send your book to Pete by December 1st. The catches will be recorded and the book then passed to the EA, after their full analysis your book will be returned to you at your home address.

There being no further business the Chairman closed the 2009 AGM at 22.00 hrs.

R W Sawdon - Hon Sec YTAA

Tom Storey - Chairman YTAA