Stearsby Notes - July 2019

Well despite the working parties in June clearing the banks to make fishing easier July was another quiet month with just 25 visits in the log book. 21 members and 1 guest fished and 61 fish were recorded (57 rainbows and 4 blues). There were a few blanks but the average was 2.28 fish per visit. I managed one trip to Stearsby and caught a below average 2 rainbows but did land 39 rudd in a fairly short session. In fact I found it difficult to stop the rudd taking the tiny flies I was using to try to catch the rainbows that were cruising round sipping something very small just off the surface of the lakes.

There was no record of Trophy fish putting in an appearance and various members recorded it as being “Hard Work” or “Dog Days (hot!)”. A couple of members had quite good sessions – Graham Elphee landed 4 rainbows and a blue on a Black and Peacock Spider during a two hour evening session noting that “…when the sun went in so did the fish!”

As to flies the usual bunch were tried, Olives, Green Montanas, Buzzers, Bloodworms etc, though one 9 fish haul came to a Beaded Tadpole, fished on the top lake.

At the time of writing the lakes are looking good and the rain at the end of July and early August should liven things up a bit.

Tight Lines !

Catch Returns 2019

Date Members Fishing Recorded Visits Fish Caught Top Lake Bottom Lake Fish Retained Average catch per visit
March 32 62 185 75 110 14 2.98
April 21 32 48 23 25 4 1.50
May 28 50 201 113 88 9 4.02
June 18+1 Guest 23 51 22 29 9 2.22
July 21+1 Guest 25 61 42 19 7 2.28

Stearsby Notes - June 2019

June came and went, but not many members went to the lakes perhaps the variable weather played a part. With just 23 visits and 51 rainbows recorded the average came down to 2.2 per visit. I had two visits, one was good with 5 rainbows recorded, the other when I took a guest was a disaster with just 1 rainbow each in 6 hours of trying. It was all a bit frustrating with loads of good rainbows following our flies and inspecting everything we put in front of them and then turning away. The success came with a black hopper and a black buzzer fished on the surface.

Elsewhere Andre landed a “4lb plus rainbow” so possibly one of the trophy fish. I am also indebted to Ian Dodd who caught a rainbow on a black midge and recorded his excellent top tip of “Don’t persevere with a dry when there’s nothing rising!” The other good comment came from David Aspinall who recorded “Caught one rainbow second cast – 5 hours later still on one fish! “ – I feel your frustration!

In June the bankside vegetation was getting a bit high but two days of working parties last week have cleared the banks and improved access around the top lake and with the weed cutting boat in action both lakes are cleared for lots of trouty action in July.

Stearsby Notes - May 2019

May showed a marked improvement in catch returns for the Stearsby lakes with the average up to 4.02 trout per visit. There were a few blank days recorded among the returns but most members seemed to have had fun (except maybe Bill Pegram who “Retired Hurt – broken rod!” but he did at least record one rainbow before “retiring hurt”! Actually Bill may not have had the best of months as he also recorded “Rain Stopped Play” on another of his visits.

Our Chairman and Secretary both squeezed in visits to the lakes and caught a few and yours truly also had an interesting session landing 5 trout from each of the lakes while contemplating the joys of locking my keys in the campervan and trying to work out how I was going to get in. (I did manage it without breaking anything but that’s another story!).

A couple of members recorded “very large rainbows” so the trophy fish are still around despite the otters and mink that were recently seen at the lakes.

It will be interesting to see what the June returns are like as the Becks have been unfishable - (At one point Cod Beck gauge was recording 2 meters 38 centimetres ABOVE the ideal fishing height!!! ) so maybe a few members were lured to the lakes in early June in search of a trout fix we shall see.

Stearsby Notes - April 2019

Well another month of the season gone and the April returns showed a lot fewer visits to the lakes were recorded. There were a few blank days recorded among the returns but some members had fun, one noted that one of the two rainbows he caught was “The largest fish I have ever caught” so he was happy. Another member commented “Oh dear, a family of otters, 4 possibly 5 !” and the next angler wrote below this “Is family membership cheaper then?”.

The boats are both available on the top lake now and Bob has repaired the leak near the sluice in the bottom lake, so when I picked up the log sheets on 3rd of May the lakes were looking really good.

Hopefully with the weather warming up and more hatches we will see more members on the bank and a better return in May.

Stearsby Notes - March 2019

Well here we are again and a slightly warmer start to the season than last year. Stearsby Lakes had a total of 62 visits from 32 different members during the opening month. By mid March things were warming up and 5 double figure bags were recorded. There were a few blanks but most members came away with a few fish and one member (who shall remain nameless in this account) noted it was “ Best Day Ever Here ! ” after landing 14 fish.