Stearsby Notes - April 2019

Well another month of the season gone and the April returns showed a lot fewer visits to the lakes were recorded. There were a few blank days recorded among the returns but some members had fun, one noted that one of the two rainbows he caught was “The largest fish I have ever caught” so he was happy. Another member commented “Oh dear, a family of otters, 4 possibly 5 !” and the next angler wrote below this “Is family membership cheaper then?”.

The boats are both available on the top lake now and Bob has repaired the leak near the sluice in the bottom lake, so when I picked up the log sheets on 3rd of May the lakes were looking really good.

Hopefully with the weather warming up and more hatches we will see more members on the bank and a better return in May.

Catch Returns 2019

Date Members Fishing Recorded Visits Fish Caught Top Lake Bottom Lake Fish Retained Average catch per visit
March 32 62 185 75 110 24 2.98
April 21 32 48 23 25 4 1.50

The 185 total for March included 3 browns, 2 of which were from the bottom lake.

Stearsby Notes - March 2019

Well here we are again and a slightly warmer start to the season than last year. Stearsby Lakes had a total of 62 visits from 32 different members during the opening month. By mid March things were warming up and 5 double figure bags were recorded. There were a few blanks but most members came away with a few fish and one member (who shall remain nameless in this account) noted it was “ Best Day Ever Here ! ” after landing 14 fish.