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The York Tradesmen's Angling Association (YTAA) is a long established angling club with records dating back some hundred years or so. The club operates over five becks and two still waters in North Yorkshire. Although primarily a trout fishing association, coarse fishing and bait fishing are also available. The association offers year round sport with grayling and pike fishing in the winter months. The two main fisheries are; the Isle Beck system in N. Yorkshire, where much of the fishing rights are owned by YTAA and still waters at Stearsby at the foot of the beautiful Hambleton Hills. Isle Beck offers fine wild trout sport, a mayfly hatch and a good head of naturally recruited wild fish. Stearsby is a lovely little secluded fishery offering quality still water fly fishing for rainbow trout. Wild trout fishing is also available on the River Dove at Kirkbymoorside.



Latest News and Reports

Kingfisher Diary

The "Tales from the Riverbank" have made a welcome return and here is the latest entry. To see the whole diary click here: Kingfisher Diary 2014


  21th September 2014  The River Dove

I do like to try and fish all the YTAA Becks and Rivers each season so today it's off to the River Dove at Kirbymoorside as I haven't fished there yet. I drive through the farm and cautiously through the gate into the field the ground is now very uneven and I am in the MX5 which is not ideal for cross country stuff. There is a herd of bullocks in the field so I go through the gate behind the old barn again carefully and shut the gate behind me. Cows can literally lick the paint off a car so I don't want them near my MX5 while I fish. I have to admit to certain trepidation about the Dove I've never done very well on it, mostly because I rarely visit it, so don't know it as well as our other running waters. It's a cold grey day and my confidence plummets as I try to find a way through the balsam to the junction with Howkeld beck and the bottom end of our beat. Once I'm clear of the initial tangle of bushes the river looks good. It's clear a reasonable height and I'm soon rewarded with a little trout - not blanking is always good. This is followed by a slightly better fish and then a third which is the best so far. My optimism of a big catch fades as an hour passes before the next fish which is a little grayling I saw rising. I temporarily switch from dries to Klink & Dink to try a nymph down a deep pool and am rewarded with a good solid take but loose the trout close to the net. The Dove is a lovely river with some splendid pools. I am making changes between a black Klink hammer and my favourite Adams Parachute and it isn't long before I get my bets fish so far just tipping 11 inches and a pretty little fish. Frustratingly the wind has picked up and it's getting colder and there is very few fish rising but I eventually get a take in a fast run and this is the smallest and as it turns out last fish of the day. I can't really complain 5 trout and a grayling is about my average on the Dove. One quick footnote - on the way back over the fields I found there is a new gate with a less bumpy entrance if you go straight on through the farmyard instead of turning right to the old gate - much safer for low ground clearance vehicles!


We are now fully subscribed for the 2014 season but please contact the secretary if you wish to be added to our waiting list. Rob Sawdon at secretary@ytaa.co.uk

Catch Returns - 2013

At this years AGM Pete Conde provided a very detailed presentation of the 2013 catch statistics. This is available in the News Section as a PDF document. Click here to read.

AGM - 2014

This years AGM was well attended and many thanks to all the memebers who turned out. The 2014 AGM Minutes (unapproved) are available in the News Section. Click here to read.

Newsletter 2014

The latest 2014 Newletter is available in the News Section. Click here to read.

Rule change

National byelaws restricting the killing of Grayling were introduced in 2010 which state that:

"Anglers are prevented from taking any Grayling less than 30 cm fork length (to protect immature fish) and greater than 38 cm (trophy fish).i.e. 12-15".

The club rules have now been amended in line with the legislation and this supersedes the text in current membership cards.

Signal Crayfish

Unfortunately there has been an increase in the number of sightings of Signal Crayfish in the Isle Beck system. Members are reminded to report any further sightings to the secretary as this will allow us to better monitor the signal crayfish population in the fishery. If you are unsure what a signal crayfish looks like or want any more information then please visit the Signal Crayfish page.